Jones avenue, uptown Cebu.
Experience Sugbo is a random collection of the captured moments of celebration, joy, struggle, aesthetic pleasure, truth, leisure, and the daily adventures reflecting the Cebuano way of life. It is a drama in the making and never stops, but yet as factual as what the fiction can only fabricate plots and characters, shall be the answer to the “why” in life being a very beautiful experience.

The island of Cebu is home to many interesting things, facts, and people. It is the cradle of Philippine Catholicism where the natives who embraced the Faith brought by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 became the first Christian converts in this side of the world.

A native of the island is called Cebuano or Bisaya (taken from the word Visayas which is the name of the region for the group of islands in central Philippines). Cebu city has its old, native name as well: Sugbo or Sugbu. Dakbayan sa Sugbo is City of Cebu in English translation.

While there are lots of interesting places the world has to offer, Cebu is such a unique destination worthy of praise for being so capable of producing such a worthwhile, and truly wonderful experience it can impact upon people who come to visit. And to assume the fact that not all of you may be privileged enough to actually come, Experience Sugbo would like to fill that gap by bringing the story right at your own conveniences. 

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