Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Cebuano people’s secret to living a happy, contented life

A Cebuano could light a candle and says his prayers to God.
Cebuano people must be having a secret. It is amazing how they can easily cope up with whatever diverse challenges life has to offer on a daily basis.

And you will be surprised to find out that some of these people are living in extreme poverty, with every reason to despair, yet are the same ones to quickly flash a smile at the slightest crack of joke or pleasure.

So what do you think is their secret? Taking a look and a close observation of their lives would give you some clues, if not the actual answer.

Deep spiritual faith

Cebuanos are a deeply spiritual people which sometimes lead to overly expressed fanaticism. Their great devotion to God (especially to the Holy Child Jesus) however, is expressed in such a way that will motivate them to be so optimistic of whatever comes their way.

Cebuanos braved the sun just so they could attend mass.
And yet no matter how deeply religious these people are and become, it is balanced by their unique way of understanding such a dogma as something that will allow people to have the freedom to celebrate and express of their joys. This is the reason why the Philippines and Cebu, in particular, are dominated by festivals with a religious attachment to it.

It’s in their genes

If you’re a genetically dour person, you will remain dour no matter what a luxurious life you are leading to live. Happiness is a mental attitude and that the genes contribute a lot to create such a kind of mental attitude. For a happy people, problems, no matter how big, are just part of living. And there’s a great sense of joy and satisfaction to be felt once these problems are solved.

A sense of acceptance

Acceptance is what leads you to feel the satisfaction with whatever it is that life throws at you. This is one reason why the Cebuano people (the Filipino people in general) are one of the happiest of people in the world.

Of course, they will try to do their best to get or achieve what they want. But that’s not only about doing the best and what’s best. It is also about, most importantly, striving for realistic goals that will permit them to readily accept things (good or bad) as they come.

How to make your Sugbo stay a worthwhile experience

The beautiful Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
Every destination in the world, no matter how beautiful it is, has its own story of ugliness or notoriety to deal with that when left unchecked for a long period of time becomes a major issue, could blemish the reputation of the said place. In the Philippines, when you consider Cebu to be among the places you would like to visit and spend a short, or even a long vacation with, then you’re having a safe, and quality stay. The people here are friendly, helpful, and most hospitable.

Dubbed as the Queen city of the South, Cebu has a lot to offer making your stay not only becoming truly enriched and engaging but as well a one of its kind. With a unique blend of rich history, culture, people, food, stunning natural wonders, and world class amenities, what else do you want to ask more for a vacay?

Compared to other cities, and even with the country’s city capital of Manila, Cebu city ranks among the best cities in the world to visit or live. However, precautionary measures must still be observed though to ensure the maximum safety of both the foreign and local tourists alike. Just like any other cities in the world, it shares the same risks that might be considered an isolated case.


Prioritize your safety

So when you’re in Cebu and it’s your first time, the first thing you’re going to do is to look for a nice, secure, and comfortable place to stay. Look for reputable hotels situated right in the heart of the city or anywhere near a well-lighted business hub, historical and industrial landmarks, and police stations. There are lots of these types of hotels to choose from depending on your budget.

A view from the Ayala mall terraces.
Names like Waterfront, Cebu Parklane International, Crown Regency, Radisson blu, and Marriott, among other hotels, become a byword for convenience and elegance.

Be cautious or wary while walking in some of the most crowded streets of the city. Colon Street in downtown Cebu is known as the oldest street in the Philippines. But the historical Colon Street you will come to see about, where old buildings still stand today and the vehicular traffic making it looking more like jumbled up, is crowded with people from all walks of life (bad elements included). 

So it’s advisable to take off all of your expensive jewelries while walking in these streets. Snatchers, scattered among the crowd or lurking in the dark corners, are always on the lookout for these unadvised individuals wearing jewelries and other expensive items to be their next victims.

When riding a taxi, make sure that the meter is working well. Also, take note of the plate number, driver’s name on the ID card (usually hanged at the front seat area beside the driver), and the name of the taxi you’re riding (just in case). If you noticed anything wrong or the driver looks suspicious, find a well-lighted place with some people walking on the roadside and get out. If the driver won’t stop then call the local emergency hotline numbers for help. Call the CITOM (Cebu Traffic Operations Management) at +63 32 253 9211 or the Police Department. Cebu city Police Department has many police stations scattered throughout the city. The police station situated near the Waterfront hotel area can be reached at this number +63 32 254 6968. 

Means of transportation 

These are the means of transportation available that would take you to your destination within or outside the city area. You can ride a taxi, a multicab, or through the rent a car within the city area. Outside the city and to the provincial areas of Cebu, there’s a bus, a passenger van, or you can rent a car you can ride getting there.

Riding a multicab is one best way to experience firsthand how it’s like going around the city. Filipino multicab drivers are one of the most skillful and experienced drivers in the world so expect some evasive steering wheel maneuvers displayed by these drivers to avoid collision. You could only be stunned and thrilled at the same time. A horse cart or locally called Calesa is still available as a means of transportation in some selected areas of the city. For you to be able to ride in a horse cart is a truly wonderful experience. 

Join in the fun 

The fact that you’re in Cebu for a vacation is to enjoy the vacation itself. You’re most welcome here, so feel at home, enjoy your stay, and join in the fun. People may be experiencing different impressions (good and bad) of the places they have been visiting for the first time and probably a culture shock, but that would only be temporary. What’s lasting is the worthwhile experience gained as a result from appreciating the people, places, and culture other than your own. 

Enjoy the food

Filipinos, especially the Cebuano of the Visayas, have a deep craving for what is a delicious food. Cebu’s roasted pig or locally known as the litson baboy is considered one of the world’s bests according to a report by Time magazine. Aside from roasted pig, Cebuanos are also known for their sutukil (a combination of Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilaw) which is to grill the pork, a fish soup, and a raw fish salad. There are still many Cebuano foods you would find delicious to eat and worth a try. 

Explore the paradisiacal countryside

One of the main reasons people would like to consider in a vacation is the availability of the extraordinary beauty of nature. You can have it all in Cebu, from its well adorned city to the paradisiacal landscapes of its countryside. It’s a package, you’ll see, for making your stay in an island called Sugbo a worthwhile experience.